are between 13 and 18 years old

they have a good knowledge of English

will be in New Mexico during the first three weeks in July

are carefully selected and fully insured

have Christian values and would enjoy being part of your family for a short time

have parents who will pay for their kids' expenses

will attend morning lessons at the Inn at Rio Rancho

The American families are welcome to take part in free German language courses during that time. Important: The host families' planning will always be given preferential consideration. The German teacher Eleonore Kluge will be present and assist you during the whole stay.




you want to spend an exciting summer with a German friend

you are interested in another culture

you want to show New Mexico's rich cultural heritage to a German friend

you want to join organized bus trips together with your German friends

you want to make friends for a lifetime

you would like to go to the 'Oktoberfest' in Munich, visit the skyscrapers in Germany or look at the 'Berlin Wall' with your German friends some day

you like to try German dishes